NH-INBRE has a unique organizational structure. Bill Green, PI, leads the project, in collaboration with three other leaders, Charles Cole, Steven Fiering and Robert Maue, who each manage different functions. The Administrative team, including Program Manager and Laboratory Manager support the leaders in administering NH-INBRE. The core director, Kelley Thomas, manages the Bioinformatics Core. All of these parties interact with the NH-INBRE partner institutions in unique ways that pertain to their own programs.

Name Role Institution Email
Bill Green Principal Investigator (PI) Dartmouth William.R. Green@dartmouth.edu
Steven Fiering Program Coordinator (PC) Dartmouth Steven.N.Fiering@dartmouth.edu
Robert Maue Director of Research Support and Training Dartmouth Robert.A.Maue@dartmouth.edu
Charles Cole Director of Research Projects Dartmouth Charles.N.Cole@dartmouth.edu
Kelley Thomas Director of Bioinformatics Core UNH Kelley.Thomas@unh.edu
Nancy Wray Compliance Director Dartmouth Nancy.Wray@dartmouth.edu
Jennifer Smith Program Manager Dartmouth Jennifer.J.Smith@dartmouth.edu
Sharon O’Connor Internal Evaluation Manager Dartmouth Sharon.O’connor@dartmouth.edu

For general questions on NH-INBRE, contact Jennifer Smith, Program Manager, at Jennifer.J.Smith@Dartmouth.edu

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