The Shared Resource Laboratories of Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC) provide investigators with access to state-of-the-art technology, instrumentation, and expertise. The primary function of each Resource is to provide expert guidance specific to the use of that  Resource’s technology. Shared Resources are open to all investigators in the Dartmouth research community. It is also open to investigators outside of the community as well.

All Shared Resources recover costs through user fees. Fees are based strictly on cost and determined by the individual Resource. The (NCCC) subsidizes the Cancer Center affiliated Shared Resources through the Cancer Center support grant P30CA023108 enabling them to charge less than full cost.


Resource: Bioinformatics
Location: Williamson Translational 3rd floor  DMHC Campus
Faculty Director: Dr. Christopher Amos
Contact: Lamar Moss,
Contact: Carol Ringelberg
Services: Genomic analysis, Transcriptome analysis, Metabolome analysis.


Resource: Biostatistics
Location: Rubin 8th floor  DHMC Campus
Faculty Director: Dr. Tor Tosteson
Contact: Dr. Tor Tosteson,
Services: Consultation, collaboration, planning, development and data analysis.

Resource: Clinical Pharmacology
Location: Borwell 3rd floor  DHMC Campus
Faculty Director: Dr. Lionel Lewis
Assistant Director: Dr. Darcy Bates
Contact: Dr. Darcy Bates,
Services: Biorepository, consultation, pharmacokinetic and   pharmacodynamic assays.

Resource: Genomics and Molecular Biology

              Genomics Lab
Location: Rubin 6th floor  DHMC Campus
Faculty Director: Dr. Craig Tomlinson
Contact: Dr. Fred Kolling,
Services: Microarrays, Deep Sequencing and related services.

              Molecular Biology Lab
Location: Rubin 6th floor  DHMC Campus
Faculty Director: Dr. Yolanda Sanchez
Contact: Christian Lytle,
Services: DNA sequencing, DNA fragment analysis, NanoString services walk–up qRT-PCR, imaging and nucleic acid assessment equipment.

Resource: Immune Monitoring and Flow Cytometry

             Immune Monitoring
Location: Rubin 7th floor  DHMC Campus
Faculty Director: Dr. Jacqueline Channon Smith
Contact: Alan Bergeron,
Services: Immunoassays and more.

              Flow Cytometry
Location: Borwell 3rd floor  DHMC Campus
Faculty Director: Dr. Jacqueline Channon Smith
Contact: Gary Ward,
Services: Flow cytometry and cell sorting.

Resource: Irradiation, Preclinical Imaging & Microscopy
Location: Borwell 2nd Floor  DHMC Campus
Faculty Director: Dr. Jack Hoopes
Pre Clinical Imaging Co-Director Karen Moodie.
Contact: Dr. Karen Moodie,
Irradiation Co-Director Dr. David Gladstone
Contact: Dr. Karen Moodie,
Microscopy  Co-Director Dr. Radu Stan
Contact: Ken Orndorff,
Electron Microcopy Co-Director Dr. Charles Daghlian,

Resource: NCCC Shared Resource Coordination
Location: Rubin 6th floor  DHMC Campus
Faculty Director: Dr. Craig Tomlinson
Contact: Christian Lytle,
Services: Information and guidance on Shared Resource use and management.

Resource: Pathology
Location: Williamson Translational 4th floor  DHMC Campus
Faculty Directors: Dr. Wendy Wells and Dr. Gregory Tsongalis
Contact: Amber Erskine,
Services: Tissue collection, histology services and clinical pathology.

Resource: Trace Elements
Location: Steele 224  Hanover Campus
Faculty Director: Dr. Brian Jackson
Contact: Brian Jackson,
Services: Arsenic and mercury speciation, Trace metals in solutions or solids.

Resource: Transgenic and Genetic Constructs

Location: Rubin 6th floor  DHMC Campus
Faculty Director: Dr. Steven Fiering
Contact: Jennifer Fields,
Services: Genetically modified mice and related services.

                     Speed Congenics
Location: Borwell 6th floor  DHMC Campus
Faculty Director: Dr. Steve Fiering
Contact: Matthew Ranson,
Services: Mouse genetic background check and Speed congenic services.

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