Applied Bioinformatics

Applied Bioinformatics
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, Maine
July 11-18, 2020

For advanced graduate students, post-doctoral trainees, and researchers at
all levels interested in incorporating bioinformatics into their research.

  • Introduction to R and UNIX command line environments
  • Command line tools such as FastQC, HISAT2 and HTSeq for dealing
    with RNA-seq data
  • R Bioconductor tools like edgeR for analysis of differential gene
  • Web-based tools such as Galaxy, UCSC Genome Browser and IGV for
    general genomics
  • A survey of publicly available experimental data and gene annotation
  • R packages for dimensional reduction, visualization, gene ontology and
    pathway analysis
  • Introduction to cloud computing technology relevant to biomedical
  • An introduction to machine learning using CART models, random
    forests and support vector machines

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