Big Data in the Life Sciences Symposium

Join us May 23rd & 24th in Alumni Hall as prominent scientists discuss cutting edge computational and experimental research using big data in biomedical research. A full day is also devoted to building careers in big data and related fields.

Keynote Speakers:
Cathy Ball, Chief Scientific Officer, AncestryDNA, LLC
Dave Jensen, Managing Director, CareerTrax Inc.

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Day 1, May 23th

Scientific Talks
The primary theme of this year’s Symposium is “big data”. Technological revolution in recent years enables us to investigate the biological system in a high-throughput and cost-efficient manner, resulting in the rapid accumulation of a vast amount of data. Through effective data mining, we can address new biological questions, elucidate new mechanisms of diseases, and efficiently translate scientific discoveries into clinical applications.

The Symposium will feature scientists with diverse expertise discussing recent advances in this field, including innovative methods and tools for data processing, analysis and integration as well as novel biological insights revealed based on big data analysis.

Day 2, May 24th

Career Development
This year, the Symposium is extended to include a day devoted to providing young scientists opportunities to learn about the myriad career options that their training in Big Data in the Life Sciences can provide. The career development day of the symposium includes talks, roundtable discussions, and breakout sessions with representation from accomplished scientists in various phases of their careers, representing many sectors including academics, biomedical industry, pharma, consulting, patent law, and publishing. Please join us in discovering the various post-graduate pathways and opportunities training in Big Data in Life Sciences offers.