Bioinformatics T3: Train the Trainer

The MDI Biological Laboratory is pleased to present Bioinformatics T3: Train the Trainer, a project that supports training in bioinformatics skills for college and university undergraduate science instructors so that they can effectively integrate bioinformatics into their science curricula, and help their students prepare for the 21st-century workplace.

Date: June 30-July 7, 2018

1. A short course for undergraduate instructors with hands-on activities, including both wet-bench laboratory and bioinformatics experiences.
2. A dedicated web portal with links to instructional resources, online step-by-step video tutorials, case studies, and a forum for building a Community of Bioinformatics Trainers.
3. Support for delivering the curriculum that includes access to a dedicated server with bioinformatics software.

More Information
Applications are now open! Details on the course as well as the online application, are available at Undergraduate science instructors are encouraged to apply.

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