This page will be updated regularly with any date or program changes or additions.

Important Programmatic Dates

2018-2019 Grant Year
July 1, 2018 Start date of new grant year
November 2018 External Advisory Committee
March 27, 2019 NH-INBRE Competing Renewal submission date
April 15, 2019 Clocktower Annual Progress Reports due
May, 2019 AAAS Review
June 30, 2019 Grant year end date
2019-2020 Grant Year  Competing Renewal Submission year
July 1, 2019 Start date of new grant year
November 2019 External Advisory Committee
March 14, 2020 Clocktower Annual Progress Reports due
June 30, 2020 Grant year end date

Evaluation Schedule

Evaluation Who When Methodology
Mentee year-end evaluation Research PIs April Online Survey
Mentee self-assessment Research PIs Before summer term: May Online Survey
Mentor progress report Faculty mentors After summer term: September Narrative report
Summer pre-survey (incl. iSURF) Summer student researchers May Online Survey
Summer post-survey (incl. iSURF) Summer student researchers August Online Survey
iSURF focus group iSURF summer students August Focus Group
Student registration & baseline survey Every student researcher Upon hire or assignment: Generally early Fall Online Survey; Individual link sent by CPDE
Annual student survey (Academic Year End) Every student researcher First week of April, kept open for two weeks Online Survey
Follow-up (“Where are you now?”) survey Former student researchers (from 2010 – to current year) February Online Survey