2017 Plymouth State University Award goes to Mike Son!

Congratulations to Mike Son, 2017 recipient of the PSU Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award!

This award is presented annually to a current full-time or part-time graduate faculty who have served PSU for a minimum of 5 years are eligible for nomination. The recipient of the teaching award demonstrates the following qualities.

  • Enthusiasm in undertaking teaching and promoting learning.
  • Significant command of subject matter and utilization of recent developments in the field.
  • Keen and sympathetic participation in the guidance and advising of students and in understanding and providing resources for their needs.
  • Responsiveness to colleague and student feedback on teaching.
  • Ability to organize course material and present it clearly and imaginatively.
  • Ability to assess student learning and to provide students with worthwhile (and timely) feedback.
  • Ability to stimulate curiosity and independent learning in all students and creative work in advance students.
  • Evidence of innovation in course design and delivery.
  • Evidence of leadership and innovation in teaching, including the enhancement of teaching quality in colleagues.
  • Evidence of work to develop and maximize the quality of a program or project