Biological Sciences at PSU is Looking for Motivated Graduate Students

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The Chabot and Son Labs at Plymouth State University, are seeking qualified, highly motivated students to work towards a Master’s Degree in the Biological Sciences. We have a robust graduate student population in the Biological Sciences (~12) and are looking to build on that base. Student(s) will be encouraged and expected to present their original research at various scientific meetings.  While the primary research areas for each lab are described below, we also encourage the development of other original lab-related research. In addition to training in various lab/project specific techniques, opportunities exist to gain expertise in bioinformatics and next generation sequencing.

The Chabot Lab addresses issues in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior, and one of our main interests is the control of timing of behaviors and physiology by internal clocks (especially circadian and circatidal). We often use horseshoe crabs as a model species for investigating the interactions of these multiple clock systems. We investigate a variety of questions about the mechanisms of these biological rhythms, from the molecular and genetic level to behavior and physiology.

The Son Lab is currently involved with investigations into the human intestinal disease cholera, in particular, Vibrio cholerae pathogenesis. Two main research foci in the iC.R.A.P. (Cholera Research at PSU) Lab are on the characterization of clinically relevant single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on: (1) virulence capabilities of V. cholerae, and (2) attachment to and the development of copepod models.

Students with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Successful candidates will have an undergraduate degree in Biology or Experimental Psychology, with experience in neurobiology, molecular biology, animal physiology (Chabot Lab) or microbiology and/or molecular biology (Son Lab) is a plus. Applications are to be submitted through Plymouth State University’s graduate school ( . Interested students are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Chris Chabot at (603-535-2010) (website:, or Dr. Mike Son at (603-535-3199) (website: