Ophthalmic Tech Poster


Ophthalmic Assistant Training Program    

An ophthalmic assistant, or OA, is an individual who works with an eye doctor, ophthalmologist or optometrist, to provide patient care. Their work provides the eye doctor with essential information to help diagnose and treat patients. An OA acquires very specific skills which provide them with virtually unlimited job opportunities nationwide and even internationally.

Program Curriculum and Schedule

Our Ophthalmic Assistant training program is full time with a 13 week duration designed to give our students the extensive knowledge and experience needed to prepare them to excel in the ever changing field of Ophthalmology. Students will graduate the program with the understanding and knowledge required to sit for the JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Exam (COA), the certifying body of allied health professionals in ophthalmology.

And it doesn’t stop there! Continue on with advanced certifications like Certified Ophthalmic Technician (COT) or Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technician

Christine Toutain-Kidd, Ph.D., COT Chief Technologist
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center