Masters Studentship Available at UNH

The MacManes Lab at the University of New Hampshire is in search of a talented Masters student to work on a project aimed at understanding patterns of ecophysiological adaptation and genomics of acute dehydration stress in a desert-adapted rodent, Peromyscus eremicus (cactus mouse).Current projects include 1) characterizing patterns of gene expression change in the kidney, hypothalamus, lung, and large intestines, 2) measuring circulating protein (e.g. vasopression, angiotensinogen) concentrations in the context of gene expression and 3) developing physiological assays to understand how these animals survive despite severe dehydration.  All students will have the opportunity to receive training in molecular genetics and
computational biology, and are expected to communicate findings to their peers via publications
and to the public via seminars and social media.

Students of diverse and non-traditional backgrounds are encouraged to apply.   The successful candidate may have an undergraduate degree in Biology, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, or other disciplines. Applications are to be submitted to the UNH graduate school (, Genetics MS, deadline ASAP). Interested students are strongly encouraged to contact Matthew MacManes at