Partner Grants

Partner/PI(s) Active Grants (October2015)
KSC/Traviss and Brehme EPA HC-00A00010. “Wood Smoke Community Awareness Initiative: Connecting Air Pollution and Human Health in Keene, NH”
KSC/Traviss NIH#1R15ES022431. “Real World biodiesel particulate matter exposure and toxicological responses”
KSC/Pellettieri R15GM107826, Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA/R15) from the National Institutes of Health. The R15 program supports meritorious health-related studies that engage undergraduates in top-quality research.
KSC/Pellettieri IOS 1445541 National Science Foundation EAGER grant, The EAGER program supports “potentially transformative research ideas or approaches,”
CCSNH/Barber and Akerman Community College Innovation Fund of New Hampshire, 2014-2015, Cross Campus Collaboration in the Delivery of Core STEM Curriculum (“[This grant’s] development was a direct result of the collaborations we have developed through the INBRE network”)
CSC/Stoedefalke The research project entitled “A Randomized, Controlled Trial of the Effects of Physical Activity on Completion Rates of Chemotherapy, Radiation-Induced Fatigue, Physical Fitness and Inflammatory Markers in Early Stage Breast Cancer” was approved by the DHMC IRB and funded by the NCCC Sullivan Fund. The Primary Investigator at DHMC is Mary Chamberlin. Kerstin Stoedefalke is a co-investigator serving as an exercise physiology consultant. The study opened in June 2014.
Partner/PI(s) Completed Grants
KSC/Traviss NIH#5P20RR018787-07. NIH/NCRR (COBRE). Diesel and Biodiesel: Exposure Profiles and Public Health Consequences.
PSU/Chabot and Watson IOS 0920342 (Chabot and Watson) 9/1/09-8/31/14 1.0 calendar. National Science Foundation. The major goals of this project are to quantify PER levels in the brain of horseshoe crabs and to correlate those levels with both eye sensitivity and locomotor patterns in the lab and in the field.
IOS 0920342 (Chabot and Watson) 5/15/14-8/31/14 0.0 Calendar National Science Foundation. Supplemental REU (Undergraduate summer support) funding for NSF IOS grant. (Renewed annually).
CSC/Stoedefalke Whiting Foundation Travel Grant: Kerstin Stoedefalke was given a grant to travel to Australia to participate in data collection and to learn new teaching and learning strategies at the University of Southern Australia (UniSa) in Adelaide, Australia.
PSU/ Chabot and Watson NH Seagrant (Chabot)5/1/12-4/30/13 0.0 Calendar.The major goal of this project was to determine the effects of biomedical bleeding on the physiological and behavioral biological rhythms in the horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus.
NEC/Newcomb Newcomb JM. Whiting Foundation Fellowship, 2013.